Radical Accountability Monthly Membership Subscription
Radical Accountability Monthly Membership Subscription
Radical Accountability Monthly Membership Subscription

Radical Accountability Monthly Membership Subscription

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For less than you spend each day on a cup of coffee you can now be held accountable for bringing your most audacious goals to life!

What Is Radical Accountability?
Radical Accountability is a dynamic monthly membership program with me that helps you foster progress, celebrate your victories, and propels you towards your aspirations. It's centered around a monthly check-in, providing you with a dedicated space to reflect, strategize, and connect with like-minded ambitious achievers.

It's designed for my clients who want MORE ...

  • MORE support
  • MORE advice
  • MORE coaching
  • MORE resources
  • MORE inspiration
  • MORE results!
Membership Benefits:
  • Monthly Check-In: On the first Monday of each month, at 8 am Central time, you'll join a 60-minute virtual gathering where you can share your accomplishments, explore challenges, and set your sights on the month ahead. These hour-long group sessions are designed to keep you laser-focused, motivated, and inspired.
  • Free Webinars: For the first 6 months, each month you'll have complimentary access to the newly launched Webinars with Grace series, an electrifying webinar series designed to revolutionize your life.  Hosted by Cheryl each webinar focuses on one of Powerful Penny's three empowerment pillars: work, love or your home life end empower you to break free from self-limitations and manifest the fabulous life you've always fantasized about. You'll get access to them before they're ever released to others! 
  • Cutting-edge evaluation tools: You'll have access to premium assessment forms, expertly crafted worksheets, and a plethora of cutting-edge evaluation tools I employ with my 1:1 executive clients. You'll receive one new evaluation tool each month that will help you elevate your skills and get clarity on how to get what you say is important to you.
  • Quarterly Reflections: Every March, June, September, and December, our sessions extend to 90 minutes. This dedicated time allows us to review the progress made in the last quarter, celebrate your victories, and fine-tune your strategies for the upcoming months. It's the perfect opportunity to take stock, recalibrate, and set new intentions.
  • Peer-to-peer support: In addition to Cheryl's expert coaching you'll also be able to learn from peers' experiences, foster new relationships with like-minded individuals, and receive feedback and support form a nurturing community which can help you accelerate your personal growth.
  • Accountability and Celebration: Regardless of your objectives, Radical Accountability Membership Program ensures you're consistently supported in your journey. You'll celebrate your wins with a community that understands what you're working toward and holds you accountable for your next steps!

BONUS: When you enroll in our recurring monthly subscription program you will receive a Free FAB in 90 DAYS JOURNAL!

Unlock your journey to success with our exclusive bonus! When you enroll in our monthly subscription, you'll receive a copy of our FAB IN 90 DAYS JOURNAL. Valued at $24.97 it's been specifically designed to help you track your daily routine, habits, and rituals over a 90-day period, empowering you to stay focused on reaching your next level of fabulosity. Use the dedicated space to record your best affirmations, reaffirm your goals, and monitor your emotional state each morning, ensuring that you consistently operate from a place of positivity. Accelerate your progress by logging into your journal each day.

Program Details:
📅 When: The first Monday of each month, starting at 8 am Central time.
 Duration: 60 minutes for most months, 90 minutes for March, June, September, and December.
💳 Pricing: $35 recurring monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time.

We make it easy for you to hold yourself accountable by offering this monthly membership as a subscription program. Which means you'll automatically be billed $35 every month. How simple is that?!

Without worrying about registering each month you'll have your own personal power posse and a team of private cheerleaders along with an experienced and dedicated coach to hold you Radically Accountable at bringing your goals to life.