About Cheryl's Shop of Fabulosity

Welcome to Cheryl’s Shop of Fabulosity, where we believe in Eating Pink Elephants. A Pink Elephant is your biggest, most audacious goal that has to be broken into small bites and requires you leaning into faith in order to achieve it. Here you’ll find all the services, resources and products you need to advance to your next level of fabulosity. My workshops and bootcamps provide you with the guidance, best practices, tips and tactics. While my journals, calendars, planners, and vision boards are supplemental empowerment tools that help you visualize and map out, day-by-day each necessary step along your journey. Enjoy the process!

About Cheryl Grace

I am Cheryl Grace and I believe at work, in love and at home life is meant to be lived fabulously. That’s how I live my life.

But life has not always been this fabulous for me. My starter husband put me and our infant son out of the house after I asked him to take out the trash (true story). I struggled as a single mom for years, until I realized no one was coming to save us. I learned to lean into my own power and began manifesting my own destiny. I completed my MBA, had a successful corporate career. I put my son through college without one penny of student loan debt, and eventually married the king of my dreams. I have spent decades crafting how to turn dreams into goals and goals into a big, fabulous life. My empowerment tools, online courses, workshops and bootcamps are here to make your life easier. You do not have to figure things out on your own. I’m here to help.

Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy your most fabulous life!



I've never been so organized and successful at achieving my goals as I was in 2021! All because I took as many of Cheryl's workshops and boot camps as I could and I used her 4-in-one Vision Board + Calendar + Journal and Planner. Sis! When I say I got things done...I was on fire!

K. Dickey

I was one of Cheryl's first customers when she introduced her products in 2018. I've gotten a new role, with more responsibilities, and achieved all of my goals because I write them down and track every success. I love her products! Thanks Cheryl

Dora Nunez

Sometimes I pinch myself because I still can't believe I'm finally living the life I always dreamed of thanks to Ms. Cheryl.

I love my life!!

Maya McChristian