Introducing an electrifying webinar series that's set to revolutionize your life. Whether your goal is to advance to your next level of fabulosity -- at work, in love or at home -- you'll find the perfect session for you! 

      • Are you struggling to make progress in your life because your goals are too vague?
      • Are you craving a dream career but don't know the steps to take to get it?
      • Do you have a business you wish you could market better?
      • Do you want to know how to negotiate a higher salary for yourself?
      • Do you finally want a healthy, monogamous, loving and committed relationship?
      • Do you wish you better understood why your manager makes the decisions they make?
      • Do you simply want a fresh perspective?

      Hosted by Powerful Penny CEO, executive coach and professional badass Cheryl Grace, each webinar is designed to empower you to break free from self-limitations and manifest the life you've always dreamed. They'll easily fit into your busy schedule as no session lasts longer than 60 minutes and each will deliver the tools, mindset shifts and action steps necessary to shatter self-imposed barriers, dismantle conventional thinking and move you to the next level of your life. A fast and fun way to launch your exploration into the possibilities life holds for you.