Webinar - Managing Your Way Up, What Your Boss Won&

Webinar - Managing Your Way Up, What Your Boss Won't Tell You

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Wouldn’t you love to be a mind-reader and find out what your boss is REALLY thinking?
Bosses often have a pretty good poker face. As an employee, it can be a little intimidating to approach them, especially when you don’t know how or even when to do so.
While we don't offer mind-reading capabilities, this 60-minute webinar hosted by executive coach Cheryl Grace, will give you the inside scoop on 10 things your boss probably won't share with you. 
In this 60-minute presentation, we'll lift the fog on the inner workings of your manager’s mind including:
  • The importance of timing pivotal conversations that can impact your career
  • Challenges your manager faces and how you can best support her in overcoming them
  • How handling your manager’s problem can lead to your success
  • How decisions about promotions are not made
  • and much more!